Family and Friends,

Thank you for visiting our wedding registry. As many of you know, we have combined households and really have everything we need as far as household items. In fact, we have a storage unit holding a lot of stuff until we can upgrade to a home that will hold it all! Truly the most important thing you can give us is your love and support. However we wanted to provide an easy way for our beloved guests to give us a wedding gift if they so desire. 

As far as gifts go, honestly what we really need is help funding our wedding and honeymoon. We are planning a honeymoon to the Big Island of Hawaii! We cannot wait to explore the volcanoes and all the beauty the island has to offer. We hope to have adventures while we are there - snorkel, hike, parasail, kayak, and take a helicopter ride over Volcano National ParK. We have set up an easy way for you to provide us with a gift of cash or an activity for our honeymoon in Hawaii. 

Thank you all for sharing your excitement and support with us. We are so grateful and excited to celebrate with you on our special day! We love you!

Weather and Heidi 

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